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Celebrate your style with a premier mix of nationally renowned retailers and the best local and regional brands.



Pinecrest is committed to maintaining a safe, enjoyable, shopping and dining experience for all of our guests, employees and residents.

While visiting this location, the following general activities will not be accepted or permitted:

  • Visitors 17 years of age and younger who are not accompanied by a parent or an adult 25 or older after 4p.m. and visitors under the age of 21 who are not accompanied by a parent or adult 25 or older after 10p.m.
  • Any violations of the law.
  • Any activity that threatens the safety of our guests, tenants, residents and/or employees.
  • Any activities that would be disruptive to the legitimate business of the property, its tenants and its residents.
  • Disrespectful or discourteous behavior that is ill-mannered, rude or inconveniencing to Pinecrest guests.
  • Offensive behavior that interrupts normal business activity or disturbs other guests.
  • Fighting, pushing, shoving or other disorderly behavior.
  • Obscene language or actions, including swear words, racial slurs, inappropriate gestures.
  • Running, shouting, throwing objects, spitting, loud music.
  • Face coverings that conceal your identity excluding those for medical and religious purpose.
  • Clothing that exposes excessive skin and/or undergarments.
  • Gang sign/symbols or offensive language on any clothing or attire.
  • Excessive congregating, loitering on foot or in vehicles that block access hinders guests’ enjoyment on grounds.
  • Unauthorized photography or videography without prior authorization.
  • Scavenging, soliciting, including picketing, literature distribution or petitioning.
  • Operating unauthorized recreational and/or personal transportation devices including, but not limited to hoverboards, scooters and drones.
  • Smoking in areas other than designated smoking areas.
  • Unleashed pets and pet waste that is not removed by a pet’s owner.
  • Firearms or illegal weapons.

Pinecrest is a private property. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations as well as Federal, State, and local laws is grounds for exclusion from Pinecrest. You may also be subject to prosecution under applicable laws. If you have questions regarding these rules of conduct, please contact Pinecrest Security at (216) 339-8643.